West Robins Team


Walker Lourie

Walker grew up in Vermont, passing his days catching bugs and skinning knees. Eventually trading snow for salt, he landed a fateful summer internship at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution while studying at Hamilton College. Five days after submitting his thesis on the impact of global warming on crassostrea virginica, he showed up in boots to the Fishers Island Oyster Farm.


Will Peckham 

Will was born next to an oyster midden before spending the first four years of his life on his parents’ trawler bouncing between Coastal Maine and the Abacos. It was then, that he fell hard for all things briny and beautiful. An economics degree from Middlebury and a few furious years on Wall Street sparked an interest in business but didn’t douse a passion for pursuing the marriage of profit and purpose.


James Geoghegan

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Who We are

It all startedon Fishers Island’s Isabella Beach in 2015. Founders Will Peckham and Walker Lourie sat on the sand in early September after a long summer. Somewhere between the beach, the oysters, and an ice-cold beer, Will and Walker hatched the idea of starting an oyster farm of their own – of updating tradition, farming regeneratively, and doing good & well.

They couldn’t kick the idea